About Us

In 2002, an amazing dream began to take form: bring opportunities and solutions to the vulnerable populations in the province of Veraguas and the Ngobe-Bugle Reservation.

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization that facilitates change processes through education. We strive to promote human development and improve the quality of life of the less fortunate of Veraguas. Gender equality and environmental responsibility are of the upmost importance to us as we work to achieve these goals.

Our Vision

Be a self-sustaining organization with growing social impact, conscious and solidarity with the disadvantaged, with management to anticipate and adapt to change. To be an organization which is able to sustain itself as it grows its social impact, outreach to those who are disadvantaged, and its ability to effectively adapt to ever changing needs and challenges.

What do we do?

During our relatively short history, we have recognized that it´s possible to create a better world by spreading great values, humility, and goodwill by ways of social projects. We have strived to develop many projects that have impacted people from many backgrounds and ages including:

  • Play grounds
  • Homes for poor families
  • Scholarships for children and youth
  • Agro-educational farms
  • Connecting remote towns with health services
  • The collection of food and clothes for poor families

Today we approach development by not only working with individuals but also with communities and groups. Our belief is that in order for development to be sustainable, it needs to laser in on themes such as entrepreneurship, education, environmental consciousness, and integrity.

FUSODEP aims to propel people forward across Panama no matter if they are from a small town or the capital. I invite you to be part of our cause whether it be through our innovative educational programs, volunteer work, FUSODEP’s scholarship program for local students, etc. Our endeavors and successes have no limits with allies such as yourself.

Both in the rural area and the cities we are looking for people who want to profoundly transform Panama. We invite you to be part of this cause, through innovative projects such as Corral de Piedra, our agricultural farms and many other projects.

There are no limits to dream and conquer.


Roberto González