Our Projects

We are excited to show you all of the projects we are currently working on!

P Pedro Hulsebosch Agricultural Farm

Located in Cerro Plata, Veraguas, the agricultural learning center ‘P Pedro Hulsebosch’ has been training locals in topics such as producing their own food and how to achieve sustainability since 2013.

Corral de Piedra

Benefiting more than 10 families, FUSODEP has helped improve the life quality of people in Corral de Piedra. This includes the construction of self-sustainable farms, and the raise of chickens to get more incomes.

Banesco Entrepeneurship Program

We always have our own perception of the reality and act upon it, leaving a lot of useful information aside. That information will give a different perspective and valuable improvements to our business.

The Banesco Entrepeneurship Program has been designed to help the participants build a business idea in a practical and simple way.

Summer School

The summer school program provides classes in areas such as English, Arts, Technology and Sports. More than two hundred kids and teenagers were benefited just in 2019.

Theater Group

This project’s main goal is to deliver a message through culture with positive values to the community, especially kids and teenagers.
The group consists of 14 teenagers which benefit from classes in acting, how to breathe correctly, voice projection, verbal and body expressions, and culture.