Banesco Entrepeneurship Program

About the program

The Banesco Entrepeneurship Program has been designed to help the participants build a business idea in a practical and simple way. Although you have formal concepts, they have been adapted so they can be understood through problem solving and reading. This training develops three main principles: the entrepeneur’s attitude, the business improvement and the action plan construction, so the entrepeneur can define the necessary control mechanisms.
The main goal is to allow the entrepeneur to get over the difficulty of making the business idea into an action. When you take action, you will have to solve problems to ensure your business stays in the market. The entrepeneur will have to accept that ideas don’t always materialize themselves the way they were planned.
Entrepeneurs Trained
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Successful Seminars
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Our modules

  1. Me as an entrepeneur
  2. Quality in Customer Service
  3. Handling my finances
  4. Human Resources in my business
  5. Calculating gain and loss in my business
  6. Taking control of my business
  7. Gathering more clients and adding value to my business
  8. Developing my business idea


We have completed seminars in:
  • Soná
  • San Francisco
  • Santiago
  • Calobre
  • Santa Fe
  • Cerro Plata
  • Cañazas

Benefits of joining the program

  • Access to credit, by Banesco, to improve their business.
  • Ease to open a savings account in Banesco.
  • Sharing their business in FUSODEP’s social media through ‘Emprendedores de mi Tierra’ program.
  • They will be included in the foundation’s and Banesco’s database so they will be notified of new opportunities.
  • Participation in entrepeneurship fairs.