Summer School

“Educating Our Kids: Our society’s best asset”

About the project

The summer school program provides classes in areas such as English, Arts, Technology and Sports. More than two hundred kids and teenagers were benefited just in 2019.
This year program worked in two simultaneous locations: Cerro Plata and Rómulo Arrocha School, in Santiago.
Each day before the activities started the participants watered the plants inside their schools, creating a habit of taking care of the environment. We also emphatized on cleaning and recycling properly.

The biggest impact the program made on the community

We have seen the interest that the participants had when the scholar year started. The Cerro Plata school is a reference point in cleaning and care of the environment, and is the center of numerous activities, even in vacation time.

Our long term projections

We expect to create a comitee leaded by parents and teachers of the schools. FUSODEP will help with the counseling and volunteers. The program will become a reference model for every public school in our country so our poor children will benefit of quality of education, taking advantage of the big amount of professionals that need to do social work and professional practices.

students benefited on 2019