Theater Group

About the project

The group started in August 2017. This project’s main goal is to deliver a message through culture with positive values to the community, especially kids and teenagers.
The group consists of 14 teenagers which benefit from classes in acting, how to breathe correctly, voice projection, verbal and body expressions, and culture.
We reinforce values such as cooperation, responsability, mutual help, teamwork, among others.
Also five students will get a scholarship to help pay their studies.

How they contribute to society

The impact of the group can be divided into two main pilars: personal and social.
In the personal aspect we can prove that the participants gained self-steem and confidence that allows them to perform better at school and their homes.
In the social aspect the participant get to understand that, as citizens, they have a social responsability with the others. That’s why they study so hard to give the best of them to society. In a society where violence and selfishness is bigger every day, practicing good values is the best option we can provide.

Our long term projections

Although many participants have to drop out because of family or studies in other provinces, we expect to strengthen the bond that the participants have with the group.
We also expect to start presenting the group in other provinces outside Veraguas and achieve self-sustainability.