Volunteering With Us

What is being a FUSODEP volunteer?

Being a FUSODEP volunteer is synonym to someone who understands that human beings are only perfected and achieves the happiness by doing good to other human beings, identifying himself with our values and dreams: empowering people through education; practices solidarity as a permanent habit; works to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people; empowering leadership and entrepreneurial minds.

What can you "give"?

You can support us with your:

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Knowledge
  • Work
  • Advice
  • Material and economic resources.

Where, when and for how long?

In Panama, especially in the Province of Veraguas (city of Santiago, Cañazas, Cerro Plata, in the Gnobe-Buglé region), where FUSODEP has programs and projects.  The specific site, duration time and conditions of volunteering is coordinated with FUSODEP staff.

What types of projects, programs, and activities do volunteers help with?

Volunteers commonly help in these activities and programs:

  • Agro-pedagógica school and agrotourism farm in Cerro Plata;
  • Volunteer of the Summer School (every year in the month of January);
  • Multiple teaching tasks in poor indigenous communities such as Corral de Piedra;
  • Theater group in the city of Santiago.  

Also, in activities such as the Annual Dinner, Wine and Cheese Night, collection of school supplies and materials (Escuelaton) and other fundraising activities.

What are the most common volunteers

  • Students in social work: All Panamanian students are required to give hours of social work, both at the level of secondary education and in higher education. The coordination is done with the students, and/or with the Study Centers and their teachers in charge.
  • Volunteering of specific activities: e.g. Summer School
  • International Volunteering: e.g. United States Peace Corps and volunteers from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

“He who donates a little of his time to others, donates a piece of his life, in exchange for happiness. You are the owner of your time and only you decide how to spend or invest it”


Roberto González

FUSODEP's President